What does it mean to learn in a digital world?

The photo “the digital world has infused with the physical world” (minisoftinc, n.d.)

In a world where digital technology dominates many aspects of everyday life, students expect that their learnings will be delivered using forms of digital technology. Digital technology has evolved from being a delivery tool in the classroom to an instrument of change in how and what students learn. This has changed the structure, method of delivery and way in which educators interact with their students (Howell, 2012).

With the expectation from students, parents, employers and the community that students will leave higher education digitally fluent, how does this impact today’s educators? As a digital migrant and future educator, I acknowledge that some students’ knowledge of technology will exceed mine, and I understand that students have a strong preference for learning using familiar digital platforms.

The photo “what is a digital world” (kareycummings.wordpress, 2015)

As many students are regular uses of digital technology in their personal lives, they welcome the transition to using these tools in their formal education, and educators will find that students are motivated to learn. It is my responsibility to maintain a positive attitude towards technology, to embrace student input and to respect the thirst of students to learn in a digital environment. To this end, I will remain alert and open to advances in digital resources and opportunities.

The consequences of failing to provide students with the opportunity to learn in a digital world won’t just affect them now, but will affect them into the future in their formal education, employment prospects, personal development, social interaction and their ability to participate in the global information society (Howell, 2012). When students enter the workforce, a consequence of digital technology is that their competitors for future employment could come from anywhere in the world, which means that educators and students must be prepared for the challenges of the digital world.

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